Congratulations JA & JM students, e-cybermission award recipients

E-cybermission is a national STEM Competition for students in grades 6-9. Teams use science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to help solve community problems. ( Rochester students were a strong force in this year's e-Cybermission competition.

  •  From John Adams, the seventh-grade team of Stress-Free placed second in the State of Minnesota. Molly Swenson and Alexis Adams will each receive bonds with $500 at maturity.  

  • From John Adams, The 3 Tetrahymena, consisting of Yash ParikhJai Olson, and Diya Kapoor won the state title for seventh grade and placed in the top three in the eleven-state region. All three 7th graders will receive a $2,000 bond each. 

  • The 8th grade John Adams team called Krabby Patties placed in the honorable mention spot for state. Congratulations to Dylan Raukar, Ceci Le, and Amelia Mills

  • From John Adams, eighth-grade team, Corn on Cows, placed second in the state. They will each receive a $500 maturity bond. Congratulations to Olivia LeeEmber HenryAugusta Mett, and Henry Kroening

  • The top eighth-grade team in the State of Minnesota, which is also among the top three in the eleven-state region, is the John Adams team, The Pickled Peanut Butter Toothbrushes. Thatcher HeimMaria Heilman, and Nora Day are The Pickled Peanut Butter Toothbrushes. They will each receive a bond that matures at $2,000. 

  • Aidan Steele and Ivan Mamaril made up John Marshall's ninth-grade team, BasilLab. Not only did they win state, they also won the eleven-state region. In addition to receiving bonds with a maturity value of $4,000 each, the team will receive an all-expenses paid trip to Washington, D.C., to compete for the national title. 

Congratulations to all the students!

Three Students smiling at camera in libraryTwo students smiling at camera in classroom