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RPS Online offers a K-12, synchronous-first, online learning environment for students across the state of Minnesota. Students engage in learning aligned to the Minnesota State Academic Standards taught by Rochester Public School teachers.

Instruction is provided primarily in a live, synchronous model with some offline and/or asynchronous work included. Our courses are designed based on best practice instructional design merged with learning and teaching research.

RPS Online School’s mission is to provide a rigorous online learning environment which inspires, challenges, and empowers every individual to reach their full potential to make a positive impact locally and globally. 

RPS Online School is dedicated to providing a tailored experience for your child built on the relationships between staff, classmates, and your student. Students have the opportunity to learn from their home or across the country as long as they access and complete all work in order for staff to ensure they have the academic and social skills to prepare them for an interconnected, fast-paced, global world.

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Elementary School (K-5)

Online elementary students are offered learning opportunities aligned with our graduate profile. Through interactive activities and experiences, elementary students will learn to become interactive and engaged learners. 

From music and art classes to virtual field trips, RPS Online for elementary students is designed to offer families a personalized educational experience that is flexible and fun.

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Middle School (6-8)

Our middle school students develop learning skills centered around their academic interests, while becoming well-rounded learners. Not only will they experience growth in academics, but also through social-emotional skills and learning to be an active part of an online community.

From class to community clubs, middle school students have multiple opportunities to grow academically and socially.

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High School (9-12)

RPS Online high school students have the opportunity for ultimate flexibility as they participate in high school courses. Personalized schedules in either a part-time or full-time option allow students to take course online or in-person. 

Our courses are design for layered skill development and offer a variety of learning techniques. RPS Online hands-on learning paired with digital learning will prepare students for college.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you might have questions about RPS Online and we'd like to help you get the answers you are looking for. Browse our frequently asked questions submitted by parents and students, or submit a question of your own.

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Partnership in Success.

Students, family, and RPS Online staff partner for increasing student success.

High-level Academics.

RPS Online students have the opportunity to learn from veteran teachers and experience academic learning skills in a new perspective.

Online Learning Community.

Not only will students have the opportunity to learn from their local peers, but RPS Online has students from around the state creating an online learning community for students and families.

Hands-on Experiences.

Even online, students will be able to have hands-on experiences with labs, field trips, music, and more.

Skills for a Career or College.

Rochester Public Schools drives all students to become critical thinkers, effective collaborators, ethical contributors, resilient learners, skilled communicators, and success-ready individuals. 

Personalized Learning

Part-time or full time, create a learning schedule that works for your family.



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