School Board Communications

Rochester Public Schools is committed to improving and enhancing the experience for our students, families and community members. We value your feedback and are committed to working with you to address your questions, concerns, and issues.

The School Board welcomes input from the community via email, letter, phone call, at our Community Listening Sessions, or during Comments to the Board. Individual Board members’ contact information is available in the “Meet the Board” section. If you have an issue or information you would like the entire Board to consider, you can email all School Board members at once at

Before coming to the School Board with a specific question, concern or issue, you are encouraged to refer to the Chain of Communication first to identify the best person to address your situation. If your situation is not adequately addressed at other levels of the Chain of Communication, then you are encouraged to contact the School Board.

Have a concern? Use the communication tree.



If you have a classroom concern…

Start by contacting the Teacher.

Was the concern resolved? If not, proceed with below:

If you have a school or program concern…

Call the Principal’s office or Program Manager.

Was the concern resolved? If not, proceed with below:

If you have a district concern…

Contact the Office of School Support. 

Was the concern resolved? If not, proceed with below:

If you cannot determine who to call…

Contact the Office of the Superintendent.

Was the concern resolved? If not, proceed with below:

If you have concerns or interest in Policy development or long range planning…

Contact the School Board.

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Comments to the Board

Regular meeting agendas include an opportunity for community members to make comments to the Board in person. Comments to the Board are limited to 3 minutes per person and are not live streamed or recorded for viewing. The Board usually does not respond or provide clarifying information following the Comments to the Board, but may follow up with the speaker at a later date if requested and/or appropriate.

Persons who want to make comments to the Board should fill out the Request to Provide Comments to the Board Form by 5 p.m. on the Monday before the School Board meeting to sign up for a time slot. For questions, please contact the Assistant School Board Clerk at

Please note the following Policy and Procedure related to Comments to the Board:

Policy 206 - Public Participation in School Board Meetings/Complaints About Persons at School Board Meetings and Data Privacy Considerations

Procedure 206A - Time, Place, and Manner Restrictions and Procedures for Public School Board Meetings and Comments to the Board

Speaking to the Media or the Public Ahead of Meetings

Meeting agendas and related documentation are available to the media and the public no less than three days before the meeting at our Simbli eboard page. Members of the media are welcome to attend the Board meetings which are open to the public, and interview the Superintendent or the Board Chair after each meeting. In order to allow all members of the Board to receive information and discuss items as a collective governance body before starting to make policy or casting a vote, in most cases the Superintendent and members of the School Board will not be speaking to members of the media or the public about a topic that will be discussed at the Board meeting ahead of the meeting. Exceptions to this approach may be made when it is important to provide the public with advance notice of a time–sensitive board discussion or action. 

According to Procedure 209A - Code of Ethics, the School Board Chair or their designee will respond to media requests on behalf of the Board. Per this Code of Ethics, and to make the Chair more accessible to members of the media, the Board Chair will be available from 11 a.m.-12 p.m. the Wednesday after a regular session meeting for interviews. Please reach out to Director of Communications Mamisoa Knutson via email at by 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning to schedule an interview.