Health Services at Rochester Public Schools

School Health Services

Rochester Public Schools (RPS) Health Services staff lead the way in optimizing student health and supporting education by ensuring that students are safe, healthy, and ready to learn. The Health Services model in RPS utilizes a team approach between Health Office Staff and Licensed School Nurses to meet the health needs of all students. 

Health Office Staff provide students with daily health services through medication administration, first aid for illness and injury, and skilled nursing procedures under the delegation of the Licensed School Nurse. The Licensed School Nurse provides leadership of the daily health office operations, promotes health equity by connecting students and families to community health resources, and maintains continuity of care between home, medical provider, and school through medical and educational planning.

Contact Us

For questions regarding individualized student health plans, please contact your school health office. 

Elementary School Health Offices

Bamber Valley

Health Office: 507.328.3005
School Attendance Line: 507.328.3031


Health Office: 507.328.3162
School Attendance Line: 507.328.3151

Elton Hills

Health Office: 507.328.3205
School Attendance Line: 507.328.3201


Health Office: 507.328.3226
School Attendance Line: 507.328.3221


Health Office: 507.328.3251
School Attendance Line: 507.328.3301


Health Office: 507.328.3392
School Attendance Line: 507.328.3401


Health Office: 507.328.4159
School Attendance Line: 507.328.4101

Harriet Bishop

Health Office: 507.512.6931
School Attendance Line: 507.328.3101

Hoover/Hoover Early Learning School

Health Office: 507.328.4906
School Attendance Line: 507.328.3501


Health Office: 507.328.3506
School Attendance Line: 507.328.3501

Lincoln K-8

Health Office: 507.328.3538
School Attendance Line: 507.328.3551


Health Office: 507.328.3603
School Attendance Line: 507.328.3601


Health Office: 507.328.3098
School Attendance Line: 507.328.3051


Health Office: 507.328.3629
School Attendance Line: 507.328.3631


Health Office: 507.328.3662
School Attendance Line: 507.328.3701

Sunset Terrace

Health Office: 507.328.3776
School Attendance Line: 507.328.3771


Health Office: 507.328.3808
School Attendance Line: 507.328.3801

Middle School Health Offices


Health Office: 507.328.5811
School Attendance Line: 507.328.4531

John Adams

Health Office: 507.328.5720
School Attendance Line: 507.328.5710


Health Office: 507. 328.5813
School Attendance Line: 507.328.5810

Willow Creek

Health Office: 507.328.5906
School Attendance Line: 507.328.5910

High School Health Offices


Health Office: 507. 328.4906
School Attendance Line: 507.328.5110

John Marshall

Health Office: 507.328.5405
School Attendance Line: 507.328.5410


Health Office: 507.328.5459
School Attendance Line: 507.328.5510


Health Office: 507.328.3966
Main Office Line: 507.328.3999

Additional Learning Location Health Offices

Mighty Oaks Early Learning School

Health Office: 507.328.4906
Main Office Line: 507.328.3000

Friedell Right Fit Middle School/RAIL

Health Office: 507.328.5632
Main Office Line: 507.328.3300

Phoenix Academy

Health Office: 507.328.4525
Main Office Line: 507.328.4330