Staff Wellness

Rochester Public Schools has several supports in place for staff members who may be dealing with more than they can handle on their own.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

RPS covers the cost of three sessions with a counselor through one of two agencies. These sessions are free of charge to you and can help you think through short-term difficulties or be a jumping-off point for referral to longer-term counseling.

Frequently Asked Questions about EAP

Department of Student Services

Koni Grimsrud
Director of Student Services
507.328.4322 | Email Koni Grimsrud

Staff Wellness Consultations

RPS has partnered with Fernbrook Family Services to provide support as well. This is a separate benefit from the EAP. These staff wellness consultations are available for all employees and are for the purpose of helping individuals determine the next steps, find access to resources, or get short-term problem-solving help. If you have a concern about how to manage a difficult situation or a stressor in your life, you can schedule an appointment with a qualified mental health professional free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions about Staff Wellness Consultations

Reflective Consultations for Schools

Fernbrook has created the opportunity for school employees to join a reflective consultation group free of charge. Reflective consultation is an evidence-based process for people in helping professions. It has been shown to reduce rates of burnout and turnover among those involved in the groups and can increase resilience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Reflective Consulations for Schools