Self-Transport Application

(Formerly known as Exception to Attendance/Districtwide Application)

A parent/caregiver may apply for a Self-Transport request, (formerly Exception to Attendance and Districtwide Application) for a student(s) to attend another school other than their neighborhood school attendance area. This allows families to have the flexibility to choose what programming best suits their child(s) needs. This is the application you use if you're applying for a Districtwide Option school/program.

If we receive more applications than spaces available, we will do a random lottery draw based on space availability. If selected, please understand that except for a few specific cases, the school district will not provide transportation. This will be the responsibility of the parent/caregiver unless you qualify for childcare transportation (Grades K-5). Learn more about childcare transportation and fill out the form.

If your student(s) are currently enrolled and attending a DWO school/program this school year, you do not have to fill out the application for the 2024-2025 school year.

To begin the process, select the button to the right.

  • You will need your student's ID number. (If you don't know your student's ID number, you can find it via the Family Access under "Student Info." The number you're looking for is listed as "Other ID.")

  • You will be instructed to create a username and password; these are not connected to Skyward.

Please also remember to complete a general enrollment for your student via Skyward.

Kindergarten applications for Districtwide Option School/Program

The deadline to be included in the 24-25 Districtwide Option School/Program Kindergarten drawing is midnight on February 25, 2024. The first drawing will be the week of February 26, 2024. Families will be notified via the provided email. Please be sure to watch for notifications during this week.

Note: We will continue to accept applications after February 25 and approve those requests that fit within the staffing allocation for each school for next year, which is determined in March.


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