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Having diverse educators in our classrooms benefits all of the students we serve, especially those from historically marginalized populations, who often do not see educators who look like them during their time in school. 

Through Grow Your Own, Rochester Public Schools is working to increase and support the number of educators of color in our district. This adult pathway program will support teachers/individuals of color who want to pursue a career in teaching. 

The program will be for teachers/individuals of color that meet one or more of the following criteria: 

  1. A current employee of Rochester Public Schools, 

  2. A parent or caregiver of a current RPS student, and/or 

  3. Resides within the RPS attendance area. 

Employees working for Rochester Public Schools will be given priority within the selection process. This development of a supported career pathway will ultimately support the students in Rochester Public Schools as we increase the diversity of our staff to be more reflective of our student body.

This program will offer:

  • Financial Assistance through:

    • Scholarships

    • Paid to Teach: Staff who are employed in our district can continue to receive the salary from their current position while completing their clinical experience.

    • Partnership with a Minnesota PELSB Accredited University

  • Advising and Navigator Support

  • Fellow Mentorship

  • Employees of Color Resource Group Access

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