Bilingual Services

What do Bilingual Specialists do?

Our Bilingual Specialist facilitate communication between staff and students, and serve as liaisons between home and school, assist in classrooms by explaining concepts in student's native language, provide tutoring, and offer cultural information to our schools. Their goal is to allow everyone in the room to have the same conversation, no matter the language.

Phone Numbers

If you need assistance, please call one of the phone numbers below.

Bawar, Omot
(507) 328-4237

Abushara, Suhair
(507) 328-4246

Saad, Nawal
(507) 328-4246

Heldovac, Ajla
(507) 328-4243

Peng, Ponnareay
(507) 328-4239

Sinnas, Alice
(507) 328-4239

Li, Yan
(507) 328-4245

P Sourath, Oukhane
(507) 328-4238

Adan, Hani
(507) 328-4247

Hersi, Fadumo
(507) 328-4247

Haji-Abdulla, Falastin
(507) 328-4247

Addani, Ahmed
(507) 328-4247

Boggs, Susana
(507) 328-4241

Millan, Martha
(507) 328-4241

Cordoves, Alexandra
(507) 328-4241

Nguyen, Thuan
(507) 328-4245

RPS Top 5 Messaging

Each month, our family and community engagement department and bilingual services works together to share our five top messages to share with families.

Follow along below or subscribe online at Our Youtube Channel.

التحديث الشهري من مدارس روشستر العامة - February 2022 (Arabic)

Thông tin cập nhật hằng thángCủa Sở Học Chánh Rochester - February 2022 (Vietnamese)

Actualización mensual para las Escuelas Públicas de Rochester - February 2022 (Spanish)

Cusbooneensiinta bilwalba ee Dugsiyada Dadweynaha Rochester - February 2022 (Somali)

ການປັບປຸງໂຮງຮຽນສາທາລະນະ Rochester ປະ ຈຳ ເດືອນ - February 2022 (Lao)

ព៌តមានថ្មីផ្ដល់ចេញពីសាលាសាធារណៈក្រុងរ៉ឆែស័្ទរ - February 2022 (Khmer)

Acaare moo joot no ocip ki yi dwaay cooth mo RPS - February 2022 (Anywaa)

RPS Monthly Update - February 2022 (English)

Mjesečno ažuriranje ročesterskih državnih škola - November 2021 (Bosnian)

ການປັບປຸງໂຮງຮຽນສາທາລະນະ Rochester ປະ ຈຳ ເດືອນ - November 2021 (Lao)