School Board Listening Session

On January 15, the Rochester School Board held a listening session on the Phase IV Learning Model. Questions were collected from the public through a Google form prior to the listening session and a question and answer tool during the session.

A total of 675 questions were submitted and organized into topic areas. Answers can be found below or downloaded for review. 

*Please note that District staff are preparing answers to additional questions and topic areas. These will be posted when they are completed.

Rewatch the School Board Listening Session

Review of Recent Rochester Public Schools Learning Model Decisions

Process and Data for Rochester Public Schools Learning Model Decisions

Elementary Learning Model Decisions

Middle and High School Learning Model Plan and Decision Process

Surveys, Feedback, and Planning

Mitigation (Health and Safety) Strategies, Testing, and Vaccines

Research Studies

COVID Transmission in Schools

COVID Risks to Students and Staff

Data on Community Spread and In-School Transmission

Learning During COVID and Student Impacts on Rochester Public Schools

Impacts on RPS Enrollment and Financials