Health and Safety

Safe Learning Spaces

Graphic of 8 students wearing masks.

Face Masks and Coverings

All individuals, staff and students, two years of age and older are required to wear a mask at school, including playgrounds and on RPS transportation, as outlined in School Board Policy 808

School supply lists now include masks. The Minnesota Department of Education will provide a cloth face covering for each student and staff member. Individuals may wear face coverings of their own, instead, as long as they do not create a distraction to the learning environment.  

Pods Learning Spaces for Elementary Students (PreK - Grade 5 + Lincoln K8)

“Pods” are small groups of students, teachers, and other staff who stay together throughout the school day.

  • Decreases opportunities for exposure and transmission
  • Facilitates contact tracing in the event of a positive case
  • Allows for targeted testing, quarantine, and isolation of a single cohort instead of school-wide measures in the event of a positive case or cluster of cases.
Image of students with teachers in a %22pod%22 example
Room Vent Example

Air Circulation

RPS is following ASHRAE COVID-19 guidelines for our building air circulation systems which includes increased air exchange rates throughout the day,  building flushing two hours prior to occupancy and more frequent filter changes.

Cleaning and Building Sanitation

There will be heightened emphasis on facility sanitation, including the regular cleaning of touch points, horizontal surface areas and the use of electrostatic sprayers to maintain a clean and healthy school environment. This includes school buses and other vehicles operated on behalf of RPS.

Hand sanitizer dispensers will be in all classrooms and in all common areas in our buildings as well.

Janitor in Masks
Image of Students Socially Distanced in a classroom

Social Distancing

A few of our preventative measures include:

  • Sneeze guards placed in offices and other spaces where face to face contact takes place such as speech rooms.
  • Removing excess furniture from classrooms to create more learning space.
  • Maintaining social distancing in music rooms by students facing the same direction and not share instruments.
  • Social distancing signage including directional signs, six foot distancing markers, and hand washing guides  posted in all district buildings.

Monitoring for COVID Symptoms

It is absolutely imperative to stay home when experiencing COVID symptoms (e.g., fever, cough, chills, nausea, etc.). Each site will have a dedicated isolation space for any staff or student who becomes ill during the school day until the person is able to safely leave the building. The District works closely with public health on the notification / communication to individuals regarding close contact, exposure, and contact tracing. We also notify families of COVID situations as directed by public health.

At-Home COVID Symptom Screener

COVID Symptoms

Frequently Asked Questions for Families