Worker's Comp

If you were injured because of your job, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. When work-related injuries occur, the District provides benefits. Our goal is to help you recover and return to work. These benefits are established by state law to pay medical bills for work-related injuries and compensate injured workers for lost wages. 

Workers’ compensation benefits generally cover what is medically reasonable and necessary to treat your work injury, such as, exams, office visits, medical tests, prescriptions, medical supplies, equipment, and mileage to medical treatment.

If you are losing time from work because of your injury, you may be entitled to wage-loss benefits. State law dictates how much you receive, and for how long. Your state’s law also specifies: a waiting period (the number of days you must be off work before wage-loss benefits begin) and the maximum amount of wage-loss benefits you can receive.

Employee Responsibilities:

  • Contact the Workers’ Comp Representative at (507) 328-4280, and provide any needed information as soon as possible.

  • Provide any information about losing time from work due to your injury.

  • Give your employer an updated list of your work restrictions after each doctor's visit.

  • Inform your doctor that the District does provide light-duty work.

  • Put your claim number on all papers and forms.

  • Confirm your doctor knows a Worker's Compensation Claim has been filed and provide them with SFM's billing address (SFM Companies, PO Box 9416, Minneapolis, MN 55440).

Receiving Prescription Medications:

You will receive a pharmacy card in the mail from myMatrixx. You can use this card at participating pharmacies to avoid paying up front costs for work injury-related prescriptions. If you need to get a prescription filled before you receive the card, please contact the Workers’ Comp Representative.

Authorizations for Medical Tests and Equipment:

If your doctor orders a diagnostic test, such as an MRI, or if you need medical equipment, please call your SFM claims representative at (800) 937-1181. Your claims representative must pre-authorize these items before you can receive medical tests or equipment.

Female African American worker gripping her knee after an injury at work.

Return to Work

If your doctor states that you're ready to return to work, you'll need a written release from your doctor and listed documentation of any restrictions you may have. 

Even if you can’t return to your regular job right away, we will try to provide temporary work that you can do safely.

If that results in decreased hours or lower pay, in MN your workers’ compensation benefits will pay half to two-thirds of the difference between your pre-injury wage and reduced wage. (Workers’ compensation wage-loss benefits are not taxable.)