Task Force Banner and graphic

A Facilities Task Force was formed in June of 2018. This group, made up of parents, business leaders, community members, school board members and District staff, has been working closely with architects, construction managers, and other consultants to review growth projections as well as the needs of each of our schools. Together, this group has been developing a plan to address overcrowding in our elementary and middle schools, increase school safety, and improve educational support spaces at the middle and high schools.

Below is the Task Force Membership roster:

  • Tim Graner
  • Darcie Radel
  • Ryan Langenbrunner
  • Marlys Carney
  • Matt Erredge
  • Jodi Rapp
  • Mary Beth Karow
  • Patty Whalen
  • John Carlson
  • Mark Kuisle
  • Andrea Sztajnkrycer
  • Chris Lingen
  • William Barlow
  • Nick Bruns
  • Leland Tollefson
  • Isaac Matzek
  • Heidi Jordan
  • Daniel Kuhlman
  • Tony Benson
  • Mark Schleusner
  • Scott Sherden
  • Heather Nessler
  • Michael Muñoz

*Not all individuals wished to be identified

Groups of students walking through JMHS