referendum thank you graphic - text states %22Thank you for supporting Rochester Public Schools%22

We are delighted that both questions on the capital bond referendum have passed! This is a milestone for our community. The projects that this bond referendum will support are incredibly important for our students, staff, and the community as a whole. 

Between now and 2022, we will address school capacity issues with new buildings, safety and security at all schools, upgrades to our high school auditoriums, and purchase land for future use. We will also fix the Mayo High School swimming pool to be used as both a swimming and diving pool, and build a competitive pool at Century High School.
As we move forward, the District will share timelines and updates, and provide opportunities for learning and feedback. We look forward to our continued engagement with our community, and thank you for your support of Rochester Public Schools.


Learn about the Referendum.

The District is operating near capacity with significant growth projected to occur in the next five years. Safety of our students and staff is a top priority. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

Referendums and School District Finance can be confusing. The Frequently Asked Questions page is to help you check the facts or submit a question.

How to Vote.

Vote early by an absentee ballot beginning September 20th or on Election Day, November 5th at your polling place. Learn more.