Mentorship and P-TECH 535

Next fall, we will welcome the first class of 9th graders into P-TECH 535. Many of our students will comprise the next generation of IT professionals and nurses. We had an applicant pool of over 100 students for Fall 2021. Of those applicants, 70 students now have the opportunity to shape the trajectory of their college and career pathways by entering P-TECH 535. The goal of our unique program is to create a seamless pipeline from high school to college to career and provide students with incredible academic and workplace opportunities.

Technology Mentor working with a student

What role do mentors play? 

Mentoring is a crucial component of the P-TECH model. Through mentoring, industry professionals are invited into the school community. They offer students meaningful academic, workplace learning and social/emotional support. Likewise, mentoring provides students an adult role model who works, or has worked, in the field they are studying.

The mentor’s primary role is to provide insight into the world of work and to engage the students in an ongoing dialogue about the skills needed for success in the 21st century workplace.

Who can be a mentor?

Those who are currently working in IT or other technology-related or nursing fields (or industry retirees) are encouraged to apply for P-TECH 535’s mentor program. 

What does mentoring look like? 

Mentors are provided with ongoing training to support the goals of P-TECH 535 and the mentor/mentee relationship. 

Mentors will be matched 1:1 or in small groups with first year (9th grade) P-TECH 535 students. P-TECH 535 mentors and mentees participate in whole group events, but mentors will also support students throughout the year in a variety of ways. 

Students and mentors will use a web-based application for sustaining communication on a weekly basis. Mentors commit to the initial year of mentoring first year students, but may continue in the role throughout the students’ time with P-TECH 535.

Man assisting women with medical tools

Download a printable information sheet on P-TECH 535 Mentorships. 

Ready to Apply to be a Mentor?

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