Emotional and Mental Well-Being Teams

RPS supports all students in social development, well-being, mental health, and academic achievement through our Emotional and Mental Well-Being Team. Our interdisciplinary team promotes positive student connections with peers, family, school, and community. We support students’ development of healthy relationships, self-reflection, problem-solving skills and academic planning to optimize college and career readiness.

Each school is equipped with on-site members, but our team is continuously collaborating throughout the district to best serve our students and families.

What type of professionals are on our team?

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Koni Grimsrud

Director of Student Services

District Phone: 507-328-4322

Frequently Asked Questions for Families

Is what my child experiencing “normal”?

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine if your child’s behavior is normal for their age or something to be worried about. The answer to that question is often unclear and often comes down to differences in the frequency, intensity and duration of the concern. It is part of normal development for all children and adolescents to have days where they are irritable, sad or more tired than normal (just like adults), but it is more concerning when that same behavior is consistent over several weeks or becomes more pronounced.

My child is doing fine at home, but I think there is a school-related issue that is causing some concern?

Please reach out to the Emotional and Mental Well-being Team at your school. They will talk through your concern and discuss possible supports for your child.

I'm worried about my student. What can I do?

Sometimes it can be hard to know what steps to take when you are worried that your child’s emotional or mental well-being might be impacted. You may access a confidential screener online at mentalhealthscreeningtools.com. If the screener results indicate that there is a reason for concern, or if you want to talk with a provider,  schedule a free consultation with a mental health professional.

What should I expect if I reach out to a member of the Emotional and Mental Well-being Team?

You will connect with a member of the EMW team through email, phone or virtual meeting. The team member will gather some information about your concerns, explore steps that can be taken at school, home and in the community to support your child, share resources and develop a plan of next steps. Next steps may include scheduling an in-person meeting at the school site.

Frequently Asked Questions for Students

I'm worried about my own mental health. What can I do?

If you are concerned about your own mental health, often the best thing you can do is to share with someone you trust how you are feeling. Many people suffering with mental illness stay silent which only makes your symptoms worse. There is help available and even just sharing your worries, thoughts and feelings may help you feel better. A first step you can take right now is completing the mental health screener.  If the screener indicates a concern, share the results with a trusted adult or schedule an appointment with someone on the Emotional and Mental Well-being Team.

Will you tell my parents?

Students can request to meet with the a member of the EMW Team without consent from parents, similar to how you could ask to talk with your teacher or principal. If you are meeting consistently, they may need to get consent from your parent/guardian, but will talk with you first before reaching out.

What should I expect if I schedule an appointment with a member of the Emotional and Mental Well-being Team?

The provider will spend some time getting to know you and what is troubling you. They may use a screening tool and talk through the results with you. Together you will think through the issues and develop some next steps that you could take.