504 Plans

Section 504 Evaluation Process:

The process always starts with a referral. If you would like to make a referral for a 504 evaluation, please contact your building 504 Coordinator.

Once a referral is received, the district must complete a 504 evaluation to determine if the student meets eligibility for section 504.

  • Referral is received.
  • 504 Evaluation Plan is proposed to parent.  Evaluation procedures may include review of medical information, observation(s), academic and behavioral testing, and interviews.
  • Parent Provides Permission for the 504 Evaluation by signing the 504 Evaluation Plan.
  • The 504 Evaluation is completed within approximately 30 school days of receiving parent permission.
  • Evaluation results are shared with parents and a determination is made regarding qualification for a Section 504 Plan.
    • Eligibility for a Section 504 Plan is evaluated periodically.  We use a transition schedule at grades 5 and 8 for re-evaluating all students with 504 plans. Additional evaluations may completed upon request.
  • 504 Accommodation Plan Process, if a student meets criteria for a 504 Plan.
  • The 504 Plan is written by the 504 Team and proposed to the parents within approximately 30 calendar days of evaluation being completed.
  • The 504 Prior Written Notice is proposed to parents and must be signed  prior to the implementation of the initial 504 Plan.
    • 504 Plan is implemented
    • 504 Plan is reviewed annually 

Section 504 Information

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