Health Services

Our district nurses and school-based health paraprofessionals work collaboratively to promote the health and safety of our students.

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When a student is sick at school

If your child becomes ill at school and needs to go home, the Health Services Staff will contact a parent/guardian.  Children must call from the health office and not from their cell phones.  

If staff are unable to reach parents and determine that the student must go home, the emergency contacts will then be called.  It is important for parents to have the emergency contact list updated and that person is available during the day.   Your child will not be allowed to leave school with out contacting an adult.

When a student is sick, parents often wonder whether or not to keep a child at home from school.

If a child stays home and has the care he/she needs when first sick, he/she will often get better faster. Staying home and resting will help the body fight the sickness. 

When a student should stay home

Staying at home is also one of the best ways to keep others from becoming ill. It is often difficult to decide whether it is necessary to keep your child home. Below are some recommendations to guide decision-making regarding exclusion of ill children. The intent is to promote a healthy school environment by preventing exposure and spread of illness.
Reasons why children should stay at home:

  • Severe colds, coughs, or sore throats
  • Eye infections, especially when discharge is present
  • New skin rashes, especially when draining— unless medical opinion states rash is not contagious
  • Temperature of 100º or more with or without symptoms of illness
  • Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or abdominal pain
  • Any other sign of acute illness
  • Until results of laboratory tests (i.e., throat culture, nasal swab) are known

Children may return to school when:

  • Well enough to participate in normal school activities
  • Free of all symptoms for 24 hours (no vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain)
  • Temperature remains normal for a 24-hour period without the use of fever reducing medications.
  • On an antibiotic for at least 24 hours
  • Or your health care provider states your child can return to school

When a student has lice

Anyone can get head lice. Head lice are most often transmitted through head to head contact. School transmission is rare. Some common symptoms of head lice include: itching and scratching of the scalp and neck, feeling that something is ‘crawling’ in the hair, sores from constant scratching, and seeing lice on scalp or nits attached to hair shaft. If your child has any of these symptoms, please check your child’s head for lice. Also, all household members and other close contacts of the person with lice should be checked.

Should your child be found to have live lice in their hair during the school day, a parent/guardian will be contacted by a health office staff member. The students may remain in school until the end of the school day and return to school after the first application of treatment has been completed per directions sent home with the student.

For more information on treatment go to:http://www.cdc.gov/parasites/lice/head/treatment.html

Provided by Olmsted County Public Health Service

When a student has allergies

The role of school nurses

Our district nurses provide care in concert with health paraprofessionals for students at all schools. They perform the following services:

  • provide needed physical assessment, direct nursing care and specialized health procedures to students and staff.
  • develop and assist with the implementation of individual health plans for students with chronic health conditions.
  • train and support school staff to assist students' needs as identified by their health plans.
  • serve as in-house resources, liaisons and advocates for students, parents and community service organizations regarding individual and general health care issues.

Health Office Nurses

Early Learning


Mighty Oaks Early Learning School

Laurie Cooper, RN
(507) 328-4906 | Email

Tabitha Hanson, MPH DNP RN LSN
(507) 328-4365 | Email

Hoover Early Learning School

Tera Baker, LPN
(507) 328-4906 | Email

Connie Scheid, LSN
(507) 328-3729 | Email


Bamber Valley Elementary School

Morgan McNally, LPN
(507) 328-3005 | Email

Brittney Chon, RN
(507) 328-3005 | Email

Lisa Bartels, RN, LSN
(507) 328-3011 | Email

Bishop Elementary School

Sarah Olstad, RN
(507) 328-3098 | Email

Lisa Bartels, RN, LSN
(507) 328-3011 | Email

Churchill Elementary School

Lori Voepel Brakke, RN
(507) 328-3162 | Email

Emberlee Bremseth, RN, LSN
(507) 328-3396 | Email

Elton Hills Elementary School

Patty Jacobson, LPN
(507) 328-3205 | Email

Kimberly Aronhalt, RN, LSN
(507) 328-3775 | Email

Folwell Elementary School

Jennifer Diaz, LPN
(507) 328-3226 | Email

Tiffany Bryhn, LSN
(507) 328-4157 | Email

Franklin Elementary School and Montessori at Franklin

Stephanie Kruger, LPN
(507) 328-3251 | Email

Angie Larsen, RN, LSN
(507) 328-3286| Email

Brittney Chon, RN, LSN
(507) 328-3286| Email

Gage Elementary School

Lisa Ferrell, LPN
(507) 328-3392 | Email

Emberlee Bremseth, RN, LSN
(507) 328-3396 | Email

Gibbs Elementary School

Amber Mehrkens, LPN
(507) 328-4159 | Email

Tiffany Bryhn, RN, LSN
(507) 328-4157 | Email

Hoover Elementary School

Tera Baker, LPN
(507) 328-4906 | Email

Connie Scheid, LSN
(507) 328-3729 | Email

Jefferson Elementary School

Amy Stensrud, LPN
(507) 328-3506 | Email

Sara Gnagey, RN, LSN
(507) 328-5814 | Email

Lincoln K-8 Elementary School

Renee Deeds, RN
(507) 328-3538 | Email

Stacey Goetz, RN, LSN
(507) 923-1525 | Email

Sarah Talwalker, RN, LSN
(507) 923-1525 | Email

Longfellow 45-15 Elementary School

Alissa Jenson, LPN
(507) 328-3603 | Email

Lisa Raymond, LSN
(507) 328-3130 | Email

Pinewood Elementary School

Janell Oelrich-Schreiber, LPN
(507) 328-3629 | Email

Stacey Goetz, RN LSN
(507) 923-1525 | Email

Sarah Talwalker, RN, LSN
(507) 923-1525 | Email

Riverside Central Elementary School

Jill Morrow, LPN
(507) 328-3662 | Email

Connie Scheid, LSN
(507) 328-3729 | Email

Sunset Terrace Elementary School

Karen Wright, LPN
(507) 328-3776 | Email

Kimberly Aronhalt, RN, LSN
(507) 328-3775 | Email

Washington Elementary School

Jessica Fjetland, LPN
(507) 328-3808 | Email

Tiffany Bryhn, RN, LSN
(507) 328-4157 | Email


Friedell Middle School

Krista Anderson, RN 
(507) 328-5632 | Email

Amanda Parkes, RN, LSN
(507) 328-5904 | Email

John Adams Middle School

Mami Shelley, RN
(507) 328-5720 | Email

Sarah Sprecher, LPN

Leah Bancroft, RN, LSN
(507) 328-5701 | Email

Kellogg Middle School

Lori Dietrich, LPN
(507) 328-5813 | Email

Sara Gnagey, RN LSN
(507) 328-5814 | Email

Willow Creek Middle School

Sue Bass, RN 
(507) 328-5906 | Email

Amanda Parkes, RN, LSN
(507) 328-5904 | Email


Century High School

Sarah Merges, LPN
(507) 328-5120 | Email

Dennis Clark, RN, LSN
(507) 328-5177 | Email

John Marshall High School

Amy Sievert, RN
(507) 328-5405 | Email

Denise Harstad, RN, LSN
(507) 328-5291 | Email

Mayo High School

Becky Anderson, LPN
(507) 328-5632 | Email

Caitlin Lake, RN, LSN
(507) 328-5457 | Email


Phoenix Academy

Lori Kuhlmann, LPN
(507) 328-4525 | Email

Dennis Clark, RN, LSN
(507) 328-5177 | Email

RAIL School

Lori Kuhlmann, LPN
(507) 328-4525 | Email

Dennis Clark, RN, LSN
(507) 328-5177 | Email

Alternative Learning Center

Angie Larsen, RN, LSN
(507) 328-3286| Email

Brittney Chon, RN, LSN
(507) 328-3286| Email