Winter is coming: What you need to know
Rochester Public Schools

Winter in Minnesota can bring many forms of weather that people often find unpleasant. But for school administration, dealing with the uncertainties of changing, unpredictable weather, and road conditions make the decision about calling for a delay, or even a cancellation, a challenging task.

Inclement Weather Decision Timeline

When the forecast leads us to believe morning travel could be tricky, we plan ahead. We monitor storms and even watch the weather throughout the night, but most often, we make the call on Inclement Weather decisions in the morning. Members of our transportation team hit the roads early to assess conditions. Even though they are out before the buses leave to pick up students, things can change quickly with the weather. Even so, these early morning assessments are vital to the decision-making process.

Dismissing school early is even trickier. There are many things to be considered: safely transporting all our students home, successful notification of our families as many parents can’t get home in time to meet their children, and so on. 

In all of our decisions, the safety and security of our students is our first priority. If you feel we’ve made the wrong decision, you can certainly choose to keep your child home. As a parent, you make the ultimate choice about what’s best for your child.

How will you know if there is a Delay, Closing, or Early Release?

Communication is vital in the Inclement Weather Decision process. We know you would love to be informed as soon as possible about our decisions, so we try to notify you as quickly as we can. Most often, the call on Inclement Weather decisions in the morning, typically by 5:30 AM.

Notifications of Inclement Weather decisions go out via Skylert, websites, social media, and local TV stations (KTTC, KAAL, ABC 6, KIMT, KROC).

For more information on Inclement Weather or how to sign up for Skylert notifications please visit our web page.

What about recess? 

Children at our schools will not go outdoors for recess when the temperature is below 0 degrees or if the wind chill reaches -10 degrees (Fahrenheit). If the conditions outside seem adverse, such as rain, sleet, or even in the event of a muddy playgrounds, students may also stay inside. Please be sure that you listen to the weather in the mornings and dress your child appropriately.