RPS shares goals and enhancements in a three-year equity plan.
Rochester Public Schools

One of Rochester Public Schools’ (RPS) core beliefs is that equity is a lens through which all decisions should be made.


RPS has adopted Minnesota Department of Education’s definition of equity: Education equity is the condition of justice, fairness, and inclusion in our systems of education so that all students have access to the opportunity to learn and develop to their fullest potential.

The RPS Board had conversations about adding funding to the District’s general fund during the 2020 school year budgeting process. On June 10, the school board approved the District’s general fund budget, adding a $196,000 enhancement to the District’s equity work. The District spends approximately $69 million annually in staffing and professional development which directly supports equity for our students (referenced on page 30 of the District’s Adopted Budget Book). 

On July 21, 2020, Superintendent Munoz updated the board with a three-year equity plan, accounting for the $169,000 enhancement in year one. The equity plan was developed with feedback from a variety of stakeholders:

  • Equity Specialists

  • American Indian Liaison

  • Employees of Color Resource Group (EoCRG)

  • Bilinguals

  • Other employees of color

  • Students of color

  • Coordinator of Equity

The common feedback themes across all stakeholders was similar:

  • Representation in the curriculum/anti-racist curriculum

  • Direct support for students/families of color (Additional equity specialist)

  • Recruitment/ Retainment of Staff of Color

  • Cabinet position

  • Professional development in cultural competence/anti-racism

  • Discipline/achievement data (Someone focus on this)

Based on this, the Superintendent provided a working draft recommendation to the school board. This plan is subject to change, and updates will be provided to the school board throughout the school year, during other equity updates.


Equity Timeline