Paraprofessionals are an Essential Piece of our Classrooms.
Rochester Public Schools

Rochester Public School Paraprofessionals are important members of school staff. From school buses to classrooms, paraprofessionals are crucial to the success of our students.


Our Paraprofessionals are specially trained staff who support students in school under the supervision of teachers and take on various responsibilities to help students that may need instructional, language, behavioral, or physical and medical support. RPS Paras specialize in various areas, including primary and secondary education, special education, and transportation.

At your child's school, you may see a paraprofessional working one-on-one with students who receive special education services, or you might see them in classrooms to offer additional support. Not only do our paraprofessionals provide support to our students in the classroom, but also outside of the classroom. Transportation Paras ride the bus to and from school with our students ensuring their bus rides operate smoothly. From home to school, and back, our paraprofessionals guide students throughout the school day.

What stands out about RPS paraprofessionals is their passion for our students. When asked about their positions, they resonated their favorite part of the day was seeing and interacting with their students.

"Though the pay and the benefits are great, it's the fulfillment of seeing my students each day that makes me want to stay. You have a responsibility to make sure that the kids are safe, and as the first and last person that they see, you start them with a good vibe and leave them with a good vibe." - Payton Koehler, Transportation paraprofessional.

Paraprofessionals play essential roles in school systems and help make our schools more inclusive. They add another layer of support to our classrooms, allowing students to have more opportunities for success.

This year, we’re still looking to add paraprofessionals to many of our schools. If you are interested, or know someone that might be interested, you can learn more about careers at RPS and our paraprofessional positions online at https://www.rochesterschools.org/careers/become-a-paraprofessional