Inclement Weather Procedure for 2020-2021
Rochester Public Schools

Learn more about Inclement Weather Procedure changes for the upcoming winter.


On October 29, MDE shared the Inclement Weather Guidance for 2020-2021. This guidance specifically addresses how schools may adjust their Safe Learning Plans in order to respond to inclement weather and possible school closures.

We feel confident in our capacity to deliver instruction virtually to all of our students while we are in hybrid and distance learning. The most compelling reason for closing schools is the safety of our students. In a normal year, all of our students would be attending school in-person. Due to the pandemic, the District has implemented a Safe Learning Plan that consists of distance learning. RPS has made significant investments in technology devices, connectivity, and professional development in order to efficiently deliver instruction to our students within these models.

Following MDE guidance, the District will not need to cancel school while in Distance Learning or Hybrid Learning Model(s). Instead we will continue our distance learning model on days when transportation is canceled due to inclement weather. The District will be canceling transportation services on Distance Learning days and Hybrid days.

UPDATED 2/2/21: Once the District shifts any of our learning models to full in-person, inclement weather days will resume as full inclement days (otherwise known as a traditional snow day) across all levels. This decision is made to align with MDE guidance from October 29 (i.e. If elementary schools moved to full in-person learning, inclement weather days would occur across all grades and learning models).


Distance Learning (DL) 

RPS Schools will provide all instruction through distance learning. There will be no in-person instruction. The Mayo Clinic at ALC will be closed.


Transportation services will be suspended. 

Providing Meals 

Meal service may be suspended depending on weather conditions. Any rescheduled opportunities will be communicated.

Child Care for Critical Workers (CCfCW) 

A limited number of spots will be available for Child Care for Critical Workers (CCfCW) at John Adams from 8:30 AM - 4 PM. Pre-registration for inclement weather day care is required, and  inclement weather day fees apply. Due to limited staffing, the regular school-based “pod” model may not be possible. Lunch service will not be available; participants should bring a lunch. Transportation will not be available for CCfCW. 

Before and After School Age Child Care (SACC)

Before and After School SACC will not be available.