Help Name Our School
Rochester Public Schools

RPS is calling on the community for name suggestions for our new elementary school building.

In November 2019, Rochester Public Schools passed a historic referendum of $180.9 million to address overcrowding in schools, safety and security District-wide, high school auditoriums, and swimming pools. Building four new schools was part of this referendum package. Since last November, RPS has moved through various stages of design for the schools. To date, the District has celebrated breaking ground at one of the school sites, which is an elementary school situated in northwest Rochester off of Granite and Overland Drives. Residents may also know this area as the City of Rochester's Schmidt Park. 

With these landmarks, it is easy to discern our newest elementary school location. However, the school will need its own identity and name. RPS is enlisting the Rochester Public School community (residents, students, parents, staff) to be involved with naming our newest elementary school since George W. Gibbs Jr. Elementary School opened in 2009. 

"We are very excited to be at this point in the process where we are beginning to think about the name of the school," said Superintendent Michael Muñoz. "Our community supported this project, overwhelmingly. Engaging them in the naming process is important to the legacy of the school and the growing history of our District." 

Individuals must live within the school district boundary or be a current staff member or student in order to have their name choice considered. There are three different categories in which the District will accept a suggested name: 

  1. Based on the Name of an Individual who a) played a critical role or contributed to society in ways that supported the success and well-being of the individuals, b) "principal legacy" (i.e. the key activity, advocacy or accomplishment for which the individual is most known) aligns with or reflects the RPS mission, vision, and core values and beliefs, and c) has been deceased for five or more years. 
  2. Based on Geographical or Historical Relationships, including names of places in the community, Olmsted & Wabasha Counties, or Minnesota, emphasizing the names of landmarks or places with historical or geographic significance to the Rochester community's history and the site. 
  3. Other Naming Criteria where a) school/facility names may articulate aspirations of the educational outcomes for Rochester Public School students, b) school/facility names may also reflect the instructional focus of the District, c) school/facility names should consider the diverse community that they serve, and d) proposed names should avoid duplicating other schools' names in the region to prevent possible confusion with those schools. 

Learn more about the process in the following video:

Community members submitted names between October 19 - November 1, 2020 (at 11:59 PM). There were three categories and specific criteria each name needed to meet to be considered to move to the next round.