Behind Bear Creek Week at Century High School
Rochester Public Schools

'Tis the season, and at RPS high schools, it's the season for giving back. From December 1st to December 22nd, Century High School will be raising funds for its annual Bear Creek Week(s) fundraiser.


Bear Creek Week is a fundraiser hosted by Century High School students and led by CHS student government and their advisor, Kathryn Gardner. But really, it's a school-wide effort with all hands on deck from CHS clubs and activities. Since 1997, when Century opened its doors to students, Century has donated to Bear Creek Services, giving the fundraiser its name. 

Bear Creek Services is a local non-profit organization based in Rochester that provides services to people with developmental disabilities and traumatic brain injuries. Bear Creek serves as a support system for these individuals to help them enjoy all that life offers. 

About ten years ago, Century made the decision to split their donations between two organizations and rotate their charities or non-profits. This year, in addition to donating to Bear Creek, Century donations will also go to the Childhood Cancer Community. This organization aims to provide meaningful connections for families impacted by childhood cancer to promote positivity and purpose throughout their journeys. 

The planning process for Bear Creek Week starts right after Homecoming. Students begin to meet and brainstorm ideas. "When planning, we always ask ourselves how we want this year to look, if there is anything we want to focus on, and if there is anything we want to work from our previous years," said the CHS Student Body President. "Since we are coming out of distant learning, this year especially is about new traditions and about creating an environment for people to really get involved with Bear Creek." This year will look different for most students at Century, as CHS 9th and 10th-grade students haven't had the opportunity to experience the fundraiser before the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Traditionally, Bear Creek Week(s) includes many events such as a school-wide game of tag, bake sales, auctions, volunteering opportunities, and other events for the community. And don't forget about Santa! Bear Creek Week, Breakfast with Santa, Holiday Bazaar, and Cookie Sale is one of the highlight events that has become a longtime tradition for the Century community. This year, Century hopes to bring new traditions for their Bear Creek week fundraiser, and we can't wait to see what they have in store. 

If you would like to support and give to CHS's Bear Creek fundraiser, donate online at https://www.4giving.com/donation/8C52 or look for upcoming events to be announced after Fall Break.