A New Turn for JM Gives
Rochester Public Schools

Bells are ringing, students are singing, and JM Gives is coming back to town! From December 1st to December 22nd, John Marshall High School will be raising funds for its annual JM Gives fundraiser.


John Marshall (JM) is bringing back its traditional JM Gives fundraiser but with some fresh perspective. JM has been fundraising for Christmas Anonymous since as early as 1973. In 1973, John Marshall donated $300 to Christmas Anonymous. Since then, JM has donated over $400,000, giving almost $40,000 in 2019 alone.

So what is Christmas Anonymous? Christmas Anonymous is a local nonprofit organization that has been around for over 50 years, and the purpose is to help families and people in need. In addition to Christmas Anonymous, John Marshall added another organization to their fundraiser this year and will be contributing to Family Promise of Rochester that serves families experiencing homelessness.

JM Gives is led by educators Annie Thompson, Michael Hutchins, and the high school's student government. Annie and Michael have felt the struggle of planning JM Gives amid the COVID-19 Pandemic, and since there has been a change in student leadership and knowledge of the planning process, it hasn't been an easy start. "As a senior now, we don't know how to set up certain things, such as Paranoia [school-wide game of tag], because the last time we played it was two years ago, and we don't have the upperclassmen here anymore to show us," said JM Student Body President. "The upside to this, however, is that it allows us to reframe how things work because no one has really stuck to our old traditions. This is a year that we can implement a lot of new ideas."

Despite these hurdles of planning events, the end goal for Annie, Michael, and JM student government is to create various ways to involve students to raise money, emphasizing a community effort inside and outside of the school.

In the upcoming weeks, John Marshall will host events such as lunchtime karaoke, music in the hallways, caroling, food stands, and the game of Paranoia, and more. After hitting roadblocks in planning their tradition of a waffle feed, they plan to bring a new headline event, a holiday carnival for the community. New traditions, new events, and a whole lot of fun is headed for our Rochester Community. 

Watch for details on JM Gives upcoming events after fall break, or if you'd like to support and give to JM Give fundraiser, you can donate online at https://www.4giving.com/donation/76C8.