Mayo Students get ready to Give One For All
Rochester Public Schools

Pour yourself a cup of cheer while getting ready to participate in Mayo's Give One For All (GOFA) fundraiser. From December 1st to December 22nd, Mayo High School will be raising funds for its annual Give One For All fundraiser.


Mayo's GOFA fundraiser has been around for many years bringing together Mayo students and families to help give back to the Rochester Community. Planning for this year's events started right after Homecoming. Educators, Dan Parker and Art Trimble, and the Mayo student government plan all aspects of GOFA; from dress-up days to the final pep fest, a lot of hard work, brainstorming, and thoughtfulness goes into GOFA. 

We know each year this event is one that students of all grades look forward to, and our community members do too. "My favorite part about GOFA is how the school comes together for one cause, and the bonding and laughter comes with it," a student government member said. "Seeing everyone participate in donating and spirit days makes me feel proud to be a Spartan. It also feels great to take your mind off of school for a moment and focus on raising money for a great cause."

The proceeds of GOFA are donated to the Dorothy Day House and the Women's Shelter in Rochester. The Dorothy Day Hospitality House has been open since 1984 and helps thousands of guests who find themselves in crisis and in need of the essentials of food, clothing, and shelter. The Rochester Women's Shelter serves over 3,800 victims annually and houses approximately 400-500 individuals within our community. 

Mayo High School is the largest donator to the Dorothy Day House, making up a large percentage of their operating budget and donating a sizeable amount of money to the Women's Shelter as well. Mayo's impact on the Rochester community is enormous and shows that even students can make a difference when they put their mind to it.

If you would like to support and give to MHS's Give One For All fundraiser, donate online at https://www.4giving.com/donation/5395 or look for upcoming events to be announced after Fall Break.