Family and Community Engagement

RPS is committed to providing quality education for every child in this district. We want to establish partnerships with parents and with the community, and we cannot do this work alone. 

Our mission is to educate parents and the community about the value of parent and family involvement and to provide strategies to support these efforts throughout the Rochester Public Schools. 

Conversations this group covers include communication, volunteering, learning at home, decision making, and collaborating with the community. 

Contact Us:

Melissa Brandt 
Transitions and Fostering Connections Coordinator
(507) 328-4230 | Email

Success Stories

Each month during our District Family Engagement meetings, parents, administrators, community members, staff, and other stakeholders come together to share meaningful and exciting events happening throughout Rochester Public Schools.

Recent successful family engagement activities include:

  • Marvelous Moms, which is a special time for moms and children to connect to each other and with other Ben Franklin Elementary moms and students.
  • The APEX Recovery School hosted “Coffee and Conversations” to give the community a glimpse into our APEX recovery school which is designed to meet the needs of youth struggling with addiction.
  • Gage Elementary rolled out a Walking School Bus Pilot program which allows students in nearby neighborhoods to safely walk to school together. 
  • Gage and Riverside Elementary participated in the Heart of Dance program. This program teaches the values of respect, elegance, and teamwork in a well-organized, structured, and lively manner. The program not only welcomes all students, but expects them to demonstrate strength of character.
  • The District hosted a focus group dinner in the Somali community to engage parents who might not be available during the typical daytime work hours and to hear the voices of a population more reflective of our schools. The event is intended to be a casual affair with our EL team and interpreters available to ask a few questions on strengths and/or concerns from the school district perspective. 
  • The District hosted an evening family engagement event at Willow Creek Middle School with Olmsted County Public Health and the Rochester Police Department. Dinner was served before a panel presentation on threat response, social media, and vaping/drug use. 
  • Bamber Valley Elementary created a parent literacy book drive, encouraging families to take a step further and spend time reading together.
  • Riverside Elementary is preparing for the school-wide play, “The Jungle Book”.