Exception to Attendance

A parent or guardian may request an exception to attendance for a student(s) to attend another school other than their neighborhood school attendance area. Exception to Attendance Applications require a valid reason, and are reviewed by the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education. It is also important to note that exception to attendance does not apply to District-Wide schools and programs. 

Reasons for an exception to attendance:

Conditions of an Exception to Attendance
  1.  An Exception to Attendance form must document reasons student attends a school outside of their neighborhood area school.

  2. Exception to Attendance may be limited based on the academic welfare of the students, the building capacity, and the current class sizes.
  3. The student must maintain acceptable attendance and behavior or the exception may be rescinded and the student would return to the home attendance area school.
  4. Transportation is not provided and is the responsibility of the student's family.
Please Note:

Exceptions to attendance for Elton Hills and Gibbs elementary schools are closed for the 2019-2020 school year.


For any questions regarding exception to attendance, please email Diane Paprocki.