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COVID-19 Alternate Quarantine Pilot Program FAQs

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Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions related to the Rochester Public Schools Alternate Quarantine Pilot Program. Choose one of the categories below to go to that section. 

The Alternate Quarantine Pilot is for Harriet Bishop Elementary, Willow Creek Middle, and John Marshall High schools only.


This school year, the District has observed an increase in positive cases, with a vast majority of those cases at the elementary level. This is attributed to vaccine eligibility. Following CDC guidance for schools, Rochester Public Schools (RPS) implemented a standard quarantine for those students meeting CDC criteria. While quarantine is one of several mitigation strategies used by RPS to reduce transmission of the COVID-19 virus, we recognize the impact it has on student learning. Balancing health and academic needs, RPS will pilot an optional alternate quarantine program for students meeting the criteria for participation.

Using an at-home rapid antigen test, students without symptoms will participate in daily serial testing which allows them to stay in the classroom rather than be excluded during the quarantine period. This program is modeled after an Oxford University study and testing program developed in Michigan. Beginning the week of October 25 through the middle of December, RPS will implement an alternate quarantine program at all three grade levels; Harriet Bishop Elementary School, Willow Creek Middle School, and John Marshall High School.

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