MN Teaching License Information

"The local continuing education license renewal committee in Rochester Public Schools is established according to the Minnesota Professional Educator licensing and Standards Board rules for the purpose of evaluating continuing education activities, granting appropriate clock hours for those activities, and recommending renewal of five-year continuing or professional teaching and support service licenses." -Minnesota Administrative Rules 8710.7200

Renewing a MN License

Staff Responsibilities

  1. Keep track of license expiration date. Monitor acquired CEUs (clock hours) and license requirements.

  2. Submit all CEUs before the deadline in May of the year your license expires.

  3. Electronically upload all "Non-District" classes or courses into your PDExpress account under Request PD Activity. Examples: Certificate of completion with CEUs or letter from supervisor verifying volunteer hours. 

    If submitting a Certificate of Attendance or Completion, the form must be signed by the appropriate representative.

  4. Review your proposed PDExpress courses for committee comments and approval status.

  5. When you have reviewed your PDExpress transcript and it reflects ALL the renewal requirements, email a PDF copy of your 3 or 5-year transcript to subfinder@rochester.k12.mn.us.

  6. You will receive a confirmation email  stating you are ready to renew. At that time, you must log into your PELSB profile and start the renewal process.  Do not make a payment until you have received a confirmation email from subfinder@rochester.k12.mn.us

How to manage CEUs

In-District Events

  1. Enroll in Professional Development events using PDExpress.
  2. If you are providing or organizing a training you must submit a request form (CEU Request Form for In-District PD Organizers) to the Staff Development secretary with a full description of the training event. This will be forwarded to the committee for review. This includes late start or early release events.
  3. If you provide training for In-District events you are eligible to receive credit under category F: Professional Service. Follow the procedure for Non-District Events to receive CEUs for this service.

Non-District Events

  1. Be sure to have a digital copy of your Certificate of Attendance, or a letter from your supervisor verifying hours.  A Certificate of Attendance or Completion must be signed by a the organization representative and clearly reflect which renewal credit has been earned.
  2. Login to PD Express.
  3. Click on the Request PD Activities button.
  4. Upload Certificate of Attendance.
  5. Complete requirements of online form and submit.
  6. Before May deadline, check your transcript to see that course was approved.

Steps to Renew

The Rochester Public School License Renewal committee provides this online resource to help make your license renewal process smooth as possible.

Steps to Renew

Board Credit

Board Credits are PDExpress classes that are deemed college level courses and are submitted on an annual basis to the School Board for approval of Board Credit. Once courses are approved by the School Board, the class title is modified in PDExpress to include BC Approved. If a similar titled course is less than 12 hours, then NBC<12 will show in the title and no Board Credit is awarded.

Board Credit will be awarded for these classes that meet 12 hours or more with the following understanding:

  • Classes/Participants with less than 12 hours will not receive Board Credit.
  • Classes/Participants with more than 12 hours will receive Board Credit as follows:

Total CEUS ÷ 12 = Board Credit (rounded down to the nearest quarter)

Example: 17 CEUS ÷ 12 = 1.417, Board Credit = 1.25

Online Professional Development Providers

Online resources are subject to review by the Office of Human Resources, Office of Curriculum and Instruction and the Re-licensure Clock Hour Committee. If choosing to sign up for online classes/courses under one of the websites listed below, it is the applicant's responsibility to review the class description carefully.   

Example:  If you are signing up for a class/course to meet the suicide credit, make sure the class description reflects that you will indeed earn that credit.  Do not assume you will automatically earn the suicide credit because the class description reflects a "Key Warning Signs for early-Onset Mental Illness in Children and Adolescents" description.  The description must reflect that you will earn the suicide credit.

All accredited colleges are acceptable providers of professional development.  

Non-District Employee Procedure

  1. Login to PDExpress at the following website: PDExpress Login.

    If you do not have a login, then please go to Request a Guest ID located below the Login button, to set up your PDExpress Username and Password.

  2.  Upload all CEU certificates to your PDExpress account using the Request PD Activity button.

  3. CEU committee will review requests.

  4. Check PDExpress for approval or comments for further actions.

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