Employees of Color Resource Group (EoCRG)

The Employees of Color Resource Group’s mission is to provide an affinity space for Employees of Color to understand how our racial/ethnic identities impact our experiences at RPS and to collaborate with the District in creating a more supportive, anti-racist school and work environment for students and staff. We seek to increase the retention of Black, Indigenous, and other Staff of Color by supporting and celebrating the impactful work we do to inspire, challenge and empower all students.

EoCRG Board Members Flyer
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Join our Resource Group

The Employees of Color Resource Group is a network to support each other and share accomplishments. We also focus on growing as individuals and in our craft through professional development tailored towards Employees of Color. Please consider joining and sharing your talent to make our network even stronger.

Have a need for support or celebration?

Please use this form to celebrate a colleague, ask for support, or to request professional development. We'd love to connect with you so we can help you succeed.

Mentorship for New Teachers of Color

Mentorship for New Teachers of Color (in your first 3 years at RPS) and collaboration between Educator of Color will continue this year! Please fill out this form if you are interested in participating in this program. These are paid opportunities. Those that participated last year or expressed interest in the past will also be contacted in the next couple of weeks. We have funds to pay for equity PD for our group, so if there are opportunities that you are interested in, please contact us so we can set it up.


Contact an Executive Board Member

  • Natalia Benjamin | Email
  • Rundah Arafat | Email
  • Patrick Manansala | Email

Equity Coordinators

  • Willie Tipton (Human Resources) | Email
  • Sara-Louise Henry (Curriculum & Instruction) | Email