School Nurse Day Highlight: Stephanie Fisk

May 8 is National School Nurse Day, and we're celebrating by highlighting some of our school nurses throughout the day. Stephanie Fisk, RN, works at Gibbs Elementary.

Why did you choose to work in a school setting versus a clinical setting?

My mom worked at RPS for 20 years, and I attended RPS schools while growing up. I also liked the family-friendly schedule that this position offered.

How do you feel you contribute to student success as a school nurse?

I provide resources to help students feel their best and focus on learning.

What’s your favorite part of your job as a school nurse?

I like getting to know all of the students!

What do you wish people knew about your job as a nurse?

I hand out a lot of bandaids and cold packs, but the job is much more than that! My goal is to ensure all students have access to health care and feel well so learning can be the priority at school.

Thank you to Stephanie and all of our school nurses!