School Nurse Day Highlight for Julie

May 8 is National School Nurse Day, and we're celebrating by highlighting some of our school nurses throughout the day. Julie Haubenschild, RN-BSN, works at Bamber Valley, Fowell, Jefferson, Lincoln K-8, Longfellow, Pinewood, Overland, and Riverside Elementary Schools.

Why did you choose to work in a school setting versus a clinical setting?

I love working with children. I retired from working at Mayo Clinic after 38 years and needed a change from the ICU nursing, so I decided to continue with the schools.

How do you feel you contribute to student success as a school nurse?

We facilitate learning by keeping kids healthy and safe so they can be successful academically. We teach staff CPR and other skills so they are prepared should an emergency occur.

What's your favorite part of your job as a school nurse?

The children -- kids of all ages. I love being able to interact with them. I get to use my assessment and "nurse-knowing" skills to treat bumps, bruises, and upset stomachs. I love that I get to make independent decisions and work with kids with many different health concerns, from asthma to diabetes and more.

What do you wish people knew about your job as a nurse?

School/School Child Care (SACC) nurses hold the same licensure as nurses in clinic or hospital settings. We work hard to keep your kids safe from harm and illness. We chose to work in school/SACC nursing because we like working with children, families, and staff.

Thank you to Julie and all of our school nurses!