It's time for Kindergarten

Do you have a child eligible to enter kindergarten this coming fall? As the parent or guardian of a student in our schools, you are our most important and valued partner in our work to help your child achieve academic excellence. Rochester Public Schools offers several different programming options for your kindergartner. This book will introduce you to all of the options within Rochester Public Schools, as well as information about kindergarten preparation, school tours, transportation, and more.

Line of kinder students being led into school on the first day by teacher holding hand of first girl in line

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As our partner in your student's success, the District compiled a booklet on the process of Kindergarten enrollment and included helpful information to guide you through the process.

Kindergarten Enrollment Guide

Kindergarten FAQs

What is the age requirement for entrance to kindergarten?

According to MN State Statute, a person shall not be admitted to a public school as a kindergarten pupil, unless the pupil is at least five (5) years of age on or before September 1, of the calendar year in which the school year commences. (120A.20, MN Statutes 2007) Students who demonstrate superior academic readiness will be considered for early entrance to kindergarten if they will be turning five (5) years of age between September 2 and August 31 of their early entrance school year. (120B.5, MN Statutes, 2004).

For more information, contact Monica Bowler at (507) 328-4275. All children in Minnesota are required to begin attending school by the age of seven. Children are not required by statute to complete kindergarten before beginning first grade. The district recommends that children attend kindergarten before entering first grade.

What do I do if I need to have an interpreter help me during the registration process?

The district can assist families that may need a language interpreter during the registration process. Please let us know if you will need some assistance during registration by calling (507) 328-4237. 

How can I find out where my neighborhood school is located?

Find your school by viewing attendance boundary maps and using Olmsted County tools and resources, or contact the Office of Registration and Records at (507) 328-4200.

How do I obtain a copy of my child’s birth certificate?

If your child was born in the state of MN, you can purchase a copy at the Olmsted County Courthouse in Rochester. If your child was not born in MN, contact the county of the state in which your child was born. We can photocopy the original for you.