Grading for Learning Title

What is Grading for Learning and how does it impact students?

Grading for Learning is an approach to grading and assessment that emphasizes student learning. Grading for Learning prioritizes skill development and provides multiple opportunities to demonstrate a skill throughout a course of study. Grading for Learning also focuses on a clear separation of behaviors from skill development.

Big Ideas

What are big ideas and where did they come from?

Rochester Public Schools has been and is continuing to work on changing its grading system. An RPS work group began to study grading and assessment practices back in 2016, and throughout their findings created and outlined the Big Ideas behind Grading for Learning. Since then, the Big Ideas have been implemented district-wide, and many teachers and schools have already been operating with these principles for some time. The entire District will use the Grading For Learning system starting in the 2020-2021 school year.

Here are some the elements of this system:

  • An intentional focus on skill development
  • Multiple opportunities for demonstrating each skill throughout the course of study
  • A clear separation of behaviors and skill development
  • Communication of skill development through Skyward and during frequent student-teacher conferences

Development and Implementation Timeline

When did Grading for Learning start and How long has this process been in the making?

In 2016, a grading work group began to study grading and assessment practices at Rochester Public Schools. The process and timeline is broken out below:

G4L Timeline


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