District-Wide Schools

District-wide schools/programs are schools or programs located within the Rochester Public School District that may deliver the curriculum in a different manner than neighborhood schools. District-wide schools and programs are tuition free to students. Transportation is provided to eligible students that are enrolled in a district-wide school or program.

Students are automatically assigned to their neighborhood school when enrolling at Rochester Public Schools. In order to learn about a family’s interest in attending a district-wide school/program, students must apply to attend a district-wide school. At particular grade levels there may be a waiting pool due to a greater demand of students applying than the number of spots available.

District-Wide Options


Students walking in lines in the hallways at Gage

Our Spanish Immersion program follows a 90-10 model, meaning 90% of the day is in Spanish and 10% of the day is in English. Our teachers are licensed elementary teachers proficient in both Spanish and English. The Spanish Immersion program covers the same curriculum and is held to the same standards for success as our traditional kindergarten programs.

To arrange a tour, please call (507) 328-3400.


Friedell provides students a smaller middle school environment with all the advantages of a larger school. Not only is the environment beneficial, but in addition to standard curriculum, Friedell also offers extended opportunities for gifted and talented students and  a highly gifted program for all grades based on admission. Transportation is also provided for all students outside of walking distance.

 To arrange a tour, please call (507) 328-5650.


The mission of Lincoln is to educate and empower our children in a family-oriented and creative community by cultivating excellence. Staff use a thematic approach to deliver curriculum which support the individual learning styles of the whole child. Our innovative science curriculum supports academic excellence and is fostering the next generation of talented and creative scientists. We are a creative community that incorporates visual arts, music and class productions in grades K-8.

To arrange a tour, please call (507) 328-3550.


Two girls with dad smiling for a group photo in doorway at Longfellow elementary

Longfellow follows a 45/15 instructional calendar with school beginning the last week of July after a six-week summer vacation. Students attend school each of the four instructional quarters for approximately 45 days followed by 15 days of vacation. Benefits of the 45/15 schedule include greater student retention and less reteaching due to the strategically placed breaks, consistent teaching time, and positive school culture. Our staff is highly creative with the infusion of research based differentiation models to meet the needs of our learners. As a one-to-one technology school, every student utilizes an iPad throughout the school day for instruction. 

To arrange a tour, please call (507) 328-3600.


Montessori at Franklin is a school within Franklin Elementary School. The Montessori approach to education embraces individualized instruction for children, mixed-age groupings, a structured curriculum, and a prepared environment using specialized Montessori teaching materials. Montessori classrooms allow children to move, touch, manipulate, and explore specifically designed learning materials with both direct and indirect teaching to foster their journey from concrete to abstract. Since Montessori education is based on the inner motivation of the child, the teacher’s role is to develop and work a student's motivation in ways that will enhance each child’s learning experience.

To arrange a tour, please call (507) 328-3300.


Washington uses a curriculum based on the Core Knowledge Sequence, a rich and rigorous body of information in American and world history, geography, science, literature, music and art. It is our belief that the most effective elementary education balances high expectations for mastery of basic reading, math, writing, and technology skills with a solid foundation of factual information in the content areas. The area of reading stresses systematic phonics instruction in the primary grades and builds vocabulary, comprehension and reading fluency throughout the grades and reading instruction is supplemented with classic literature recommended in the Core Knowledge Sequence. Math instruction uses a traditional style focused on the MN state standards with an emphasis on mastery of basic math facts, computation skills, concepts, and problem solving.

To arrange a tour, please call (507) 328-3800.

To apply, you must fill out and submit an application to the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education. There are three ways in which you can do this. 

  1. Complete the form online.

  2. Print the Paper Application and mail it or drop it off at the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Edison Administration Building, Second Floor, 615 7th Street SW, Rochester, MN, 55902.

  3. Fill out the form in person at the Edison Administration Building.


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