Launching Emerging Adults Program (LEAP)

Launching Emerging Adults Program (LEAP) provides a safe environment for participants to succeed by improving their overall level of functioning. LEAP incorporates a model that highlights participants as the primary person in determining their own path toward their launch into adulthood. LEAP is designed to empower participants through meaningful choice and self-determination on a path to achieve personalized educational, vocational, avocational, and housing goals. As a program offered through Rochester Public Schools, LEAP works collaboratively with community partners to provide a strong system of comprehensive learning, behavioral and community supports. The LEAP program is currently taking applications for participants. Potential participants must be students enrolled in Rochester Public Schools, have been identified as a student with an educational disability, be currently receiving Level 3 or 4 special education services and are currently not being successful in their current school setting.


Contact Us:

Bucky Flores
LEAP Program Coordinator
(507) 328-9205 | Email

Samuel Thys
Special Education Teacher