American Indian Education

The American Indian Education Program at Rochester Public Schools works to provide American Indian, Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian, and Canadian First Nations systematic opportunities to culture, language, and student advocacy. Opportunities include student groups, 1:1 support, family engagement, access to traditional teachings, and educational networks that support Native students.

Parent Education Committee

The American Indian Education Parent Committee functions to ensure all Indigenous students are successful in Rochester Public Schools. Native student advocacy is accomplished by the committee in several ways. The committee works to guide the American Indian Education Program and provide oversight on the federal budget. The committee also works to partner with the school district at a board policy level. 

If you are interested in joining this committee or volunteering for any of our events or activities please call (507) 328-4236 or email Regan Holm, Native American Liaison.


Program Eligibility and Enrollment

Student Eligibility

All students who identify in skyward as American Indian/Alaskan Native are eligible. This classification includes Any student who identifies as Native American, Native Alaskan, Native Hawaiian, and Canadian First Nations are eligible to participate.

Student Enrollment

All students who are enrolled in a state or federally recognized tribe, or descend from an enrolled individual; either parent or grandparent, must submit an ED 506 form to the American Indian Education Program.

Form Information

The ED 506 form is a Title VI US Department of Education form. Title VI funding supports and enhances our American Indian education plan.  This form is only required to be filled out once and kept on file by the Rochester Public School American Indian Education Program.

Form Step-By-Step Instructions

Parents/Guardians, please clearly print information on forms. The form must be completely filled out to the best of your ability in order to be counted for Title VI.

  1. ED 506 form is available at the Records & Registration office or CLICK HERE to save a workable form. Important save the form first to your computer, then open the pdf from the saved files on your computer. Fill it out and re-save.

  2. Accurately fill out 100% of the information and check appropriate boxes in regard to an individual with tribal enrollment and how tribe is recognized.

  3. If available fill-in enrollment number of individual enrolled.

  4. If enrollment number is not available due to a special circumstance such as adoption please write a short description on a word document and attach when returning form.

  5. Provide signature and contact information.

  6. Submit to American Indian Liaison via email, fax, or deliver to office.

If you have questions please contact:

Regan Holm
Native American Liaison
(507) 328-4236