At Rochester Public Schools, we value all of our employees that help make our education system the best it can be. The question is, do you know an employee that goes Above and Beyond their duties? If so, please fill out the form below so we can help recognize their amazing role in our district!

Employee recognition:

  • Amber Henry, 2nd Grade Teacher at Gage

  • Tina Zahn, Para at Century

  • Audrey Levan, 1st Grade Teacher at Churchill

  • Ashley Thomas, Para at Folwell

  • Morgan McNally, Nurse at Bamber Valley

  • Nancy Mennecke, EL Para at Century

  • Jean Larson, Office Manager at Churchill

  • Jessica Huglen, GATE Teacher at Sunset Terrace

  • Elissa Robinson, SPED Teacher at Gage

  • Brianne Morris, EL Teacher at Bamber Valley

  • Munir Zukanovic, Custodian at Might Oaks

  • Kari O'Byrne, SPED Teacher at Willow Creek

  • Jeff Newkirk, 2nd Grade Teacher at Pinewood

  • Sarah Holmes, Para at Churchill

  • Sarah Merges, Nurse at Century

  • Randy Harriman, Custodian at Pinewood