At Rochester Public Schools, we value all of our employees that help make our education system the best it can be. The question is, do you know an employee that goes Above and Beyond their duties? If so, please fill out the form below so we can help recognize their amazing role in our district!

Employee recognition:

  • Kristin Engbrecht, Principal at Bamber Valley 

  • Lori Hansen, Para at Mayo 

  • Marilyn Yennie, Music Teacher at Kellogg 

  • Cheryl Burt, Senior IT Support at TSSC

  • Laura Boyd, Special Ed Teacher at Lincoln 

  • Tony Condon, Lead Technology Analyst at TSSC

  • Jarid Nelson, Special Ed Teacher at Bamber Valley

  • Laurie McPeak, Para at John Adams

  • Tyler Utzka, Para at John Adams

  • Ramona Norwood, Minority Liaison at John Adams

  • Melissa Domnick, Senior IT Support at TSSC

  • Megan Yetzer, Para at Mighty Oaks

  • Koni Grimsrud, Assistant Director of Special Ed at Mighty Oaks

  • Nate Schriever, SACC Coordinator at Northrop

  • Teri Linander, Assistant Principal at Kellogg

  • Mike Widman, Assistant Principal at Kellogg

  • Lynsey Speltz, English Teacher at Kellogg