School Resource Officers

What is the role of a school resource officer?

The primary role of a School Resource Officer (SRO) is to focus on establishing relationships with students and staff, being a resource and advocate for them, and working to provide a safe environment for everyone. SROs are not RPS employees. Their role in the school setting is outlined in a contract between RPS and the City of Rochester.

SROs are not involved in determining student discipline, and they are not involved in addressing student misconduct that does not involve suspected criminal conduct. RPS staff will consult with SROs to the extent necessary to report any potential criminal activity at school or a school-sponsored event or activity. Potentially criminal behavior may be referred to law enforcement even if it does not involve violent or threatening behavior. For example, theft, intentional damage to property, possession or distribution of drugs or alcohol, and trespassing are examples of behavior that may be referred to law enforcement without necessarily involving violent or threatening behavior. In addition, RPS staff will consult with SROs to the extent necessary to comply with mandatory reporting obligations, such as the obligation to report suspected maltreatment of minors under Minn. Stat. § 626.556. To the extent permitted by State and Federal law, RPS staff may also disclose information to law enforcement in emergency situations where law enforcement’s knowledge of the information is necessary to protect the health and safety of a student or other individuals.

Contact Us

Julie Claymon

Coordinator of District Safety and Security
Email | 507.328.4402

Sergeant Joel Blahnik

Supervisor of School Resource Officers and District-wide Support
Email | 507.328.2581

Meet Our School Resource Officers

School Resource Officer Tim Condon

Officer Tim Condon

Officer Condon serves Century High School, Kellogg, Jefferson, Churchill-Hoover, Riverside and Rochester Alternative Learning Center (RALC).

Contact: Email | 507.328.5054

SRO Chris Fordham at Phoenix Academy

Officer Chris Fordham

Office Fordham serves Rochester Alternative Learning Center (RALC) and Rochester Phoenix Academy.

Contact: Email | 507.328.4329

SRO Al Arzola at Willow Creek Middle School

Officer Al Arzola

Office Arzola serves John Adams, Dakota, Elton Hills, Gage, and Overland.

Contact: Email
JAMS: 507.328.5696
      WCMS: 507.328.5925

SRO holding up a first day of school sign while stadning in front of the Rochester Mayo High School sign.

Officer Brian Smith

Office Arendts serves Mayo High School, Longfellow, Pinewood, Lincoln, and Ben Franklin.

Contact: Email | 507.328.5493

Image of School Resource Officer Charlie Arendts

Officer Charlie Arendts

Office Arendts serves Kellogg Middle School and Willow Creek Middle School.

Contact: Email | 507.328.5820

School Resource Officer Scott Gilbertson

Officer Scott Gilbertson

Officer Gilbertson serves John Marshall High School, John Adams, Folwell, Bishop, Sunset Terrace, and Washington.

Contact: Email | 507.328.5300