At the June 15th School Board meeting, the Hold Harmless - Exception to Attendance / Administration Process for Fall 2022 was discussed. A number of students will be beginning the final level within their school building at the start of the 2022-2023 school year (these are the grades of 5th, 8th, and 12th grade). Consistent with past practice, the administration will offer these students an opportunity to apply for an exception to attendance/administrative placement at their former school for their final year. The District will not be able to offer transportation. Additionally, the administration will consider allowing students’ younger siblings already enrolled in the building as of the 2021-2022 school year an opportunity to stay for one more year. Note, siblings would not be granted an exception for the 2023-2024 school year after their older sibling moves to the next level.

Helpful Resources

Use the School Locator to locate your address and see how the recommended boundaries would impact your family. 


There are still a number of variables the District Administration is working through regarding high school students. More information will be communicated again at a future meeting regarding high school students. 

The administration will use the following process:

  • Parents will be sent a written communication in the fall of 2021 if their student is impacted with instructions on how to indicate they want to seek an exception to attendance/administrative placement.

  • A to-be-developed form will be completed by the parents indicating they would like to seek an exception to attendance/administrative placement to a school outside of their boundary area school. The deadline to return the form is still being determined but will likely coincide with the application deadline of district-wide option school forms.

  • If parents don’t respond in writing, the District will attempt calling them to make sure they understand their student will be impacted for fall 2022.

  • The administration will approve exceptions to attendance/administrative placements based on space available. Currently, the administration is projecting congestion at Willow Creek 8th Grade and John Adams 8th Grade, depending on how many students seek to stay at their current school versus how many move to their new school. This is primarily because, in general, two-thirds of Friedell students live within the Willow Creek boundary and need to return to Willow Creek for their final year of middle school. It is reasonably expected that most other exceptions to attendance/administrative placements may be approved.

  • Staffing for all schools will occur as usual in February and March 2022. The number of staff for each school will be determined based on the student enrollment numbers as of mid-March 2022. Both students moving up a grade level plus those students that have been approved for an exception to attendance/administrative placement will determine actual staffing counts.

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