At the fifth meeting, the committee reviewed the themes of the public feedback. The committee agreed to drop option 1 since that option had the most negative feedback. The committee spent time discussing options 2 and 3, with most group members feeling that option 3, with more adjustments, might be the best option to move forward. More discussion will be had on options 2 and 3 at the next meeting with the consultants providing some recommendations for adjustment based on the themes of the negative feedback. 

The next meeting of the Boundary Advisory Committee is May 5. It is possible that the Boundary Advisory Committee will be making a recommendation to the Superintendent after the meeting on May 5 and that the Superintendent will be bringing forward the Boundary Advisory Committee’s recommendation to the School Board as soon as May 18. If the committee needs more time than available to them on May 5, the recommendation to the School Board will be delayed until June 1.

Review the Survey

Use the PDF below to review the survey results from the recent boundary survey. 

First page of the PDF file: RPS_AllSurveyResults

Boundary Advisory Committee Updates