Auditorium and Pool Updates


may 19, 2020

On Tuesday, May 19 the Rochester Public School Board received an update on the high school auditorium project, as well as accepted and approved bids for the project. This project includes:

  • New theatrical and house LED lighting
  • New dimmer racks to increase control
  • New and upgraded lighting and controls with a “General Use” interface and a “Technical Play” Interface
  • New sound system and sound controls with a “General Use” interface and a “Technical Play” Interface
  • New auditorium specific wireless intercom system
  • New Assisted listening system
  • New projector and screen

The school board approved the base bid from Egan Companies in the amount of $1,814,000 and Alternate 1 and 2 and part of Alternate 4 in the amount of $102,322 for total bid amount of $1,916,322 for the high school auditorium upgrades at John Marshall, Mayo, and Century High Schools. All of the information is available on BoardDocs.

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MHS Auditorium
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JMHS Auditorium


JMHS pool
JMHS pool


June 8, 2020 

The referendum approved $9.5 million dollars to build a pool at Century High School, make upgrades to Mayo High School Pool and the closing of the three middle school pools to repurpose the space. The District hired WSN Architects to design the projects and had several meetings with community groups and District groups to gather input on the Century pool design.  Additionally, Knutson Construction was hired as the Construction Manager Agent representing the district in these projects and they manage the budget for them. 

A design was brought forth utilizing the input from several community and District groups. Knutson Construction was able to establish costs based on the design.  The costs for the initial design of the Century pool was well in excess of the $9.5 total pool budgets, somewhere near 15 million dollars.  WSN was tasked with reducing costs and after various changes the budget was still estimated at $11.5 million dollars for Century pool. 

The District has decided to temporarily suspend the design of the Century project, based on budget.  Additionally, the District has set a budget for the new school buildings. The pool projects will continue, but the District wants to be able to apply a true value to the projects and build the best pools that our overall referendum budget allows.  The District's plan is to have both the Mayo and Century High School pools completed by Fall 2022.

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