Early Childhood Learning

Profile Photo of Jennifer Irhke
Jen Irhke
Director of
Early Childhood Special Education 




Image of Emily Pearson
Emily Pearson
Principal of
Hoover Early Learning School




Elementary Principals

Photo of Rose-Martine Haglund
Rose-Martine Haglund
Principal of
Bamber Valley Elementary School




Profile photo of Principal Wendy Moritz.
Wendy Moritz
Principal of
Bishop Elementary School



Image of Emily Pearson
Emily Pearson
Principal of
Hoover Early Learning School



Steve Willman
Steve Willman
Principal of
Elton Hills
Elementary School



Image of Kristin Engbrecht
Kristin EngbrechT
Principal of
Folwell Elementary School




Image of Sam Pearson
Sam Pearson
Principal of
Franklin and Montessori at Franklin 
Elementary school



Image of Kris Davinson
Kristopher Davidson
Principal of
Gage Elementary




Photo of Mark Randall
Mark Randall
Principal of
Gibbs Elementary




Image of Heather Klavetter
Heather Klavetter
Principal of
Jefferson Elementary




Image of Jim Sonju
JAMes Sonju
Principal of
Lincoln K-8 Elementary school




Image of Amy Adams
Amy Adams
Principal of Longfellow 45-15 Elementary




Profile photo of Jared Groehler.
Jared Groehler
Principal of
Overland Elementary School




Image of Michelle Schrantz
Michelle Schrantz
Principal of Pinewood Elementary




Photo of Brenda Wichmann
Brenda Wichmann
Principal of Sunset Terrace Elementary




Image of Chad Schroeder
Chad Schroeder
Principal of Washington Elementary




Middle School Principals

Image of Levi Lundak
Levi Lundak
Principal of Dakota Middle School




Image of Brant Goetz
Brant Goetz
Principal of John Adams Middle School




Image of Angela McAndrews
Angela McAndrews
Principal of Kellogg Middle School




Profile photo of Principal Chris Fogarty.
Chris Fogarty
Principal of Willow Creek Middle School




High School Principals

Image of Nate Walbruch
Nate Waldbruch
Principal of Century High School





Image of Matt Ruzek
Matthew Ruzek
Principal of JOhn Marshall High School




Image of Troy Prigge
Troy Prigge
Principal of Mayo High School




Alternative Learning Principals

Profile photo of Principal Rob Scripture.
Rob Scripture
Principal of Phoenix Academy & Rochester Academy for Independent Living (RAIL)



Image of Tim Limberg
Tim Limberg
Principal of Rochester Alternative Learning Center (ALC)

Program or Speciality School Principals

Image of Brandon Macrafic
Brandon Macrafic
Principal of RPS Online 




Profile photo of Principal Heather Hogen.
Heather hogen
Director of Postsecondary Readiness - CTECH