Headed to the next football game? Take a look at our football spectator expectations.
Rochester Public Schools

As our school year gets underway, we hope our students are settling back into the routine of school and feel a sense of connection and belonging among their peers and the staff.


There are many fall activities that provide opportunities for students across the District, including high school football games. We want to share guidelines and expectations for student conduct at games so that all who attend have a safe and enjoyable experience. Please take a moment to review these expectations with your student(s).

  • Elementary & middle school students are required to attend with an adult who will be responsible for supervising them throughout the game.
  • No backpacks or bags will be allowed into the stadium.
  • Expectations for behavior at the game are the same as school behavior expectations.
  • Students who demonstrate unsafe or inappropriate behavior will be asked to leave the stadium.
  • Students must leave the stadium at the conclusion of the game. Please make sure your child has arranged for a ride as there is no supervision following the game.
  • Students who are not in good standing (have had a behavior issue during the school day) will not be permitted at the game that evening.

All home games will be supervised by administration and staff from the high school and middle schools, along with School Resource Officers. We ask for your help in adhering to the above guidelines. Working together with you, we are confident in our ability to maintain a safe and positive environment at the games.

Thank you for your support!