Senior Spotlight - Cameron Johnson
Rochester Public Schools

Meet Cameron Johnson, senior at Century High School. Cameron is a go-getter that cares deeply about others. She has dreams to care for the American public and to do this, she plans to go to American University to double major in international affairs and accounting.




What High School are you graduating from?

Century High School


What is a fun fact about you?

I have played piano for 16 years.


What is your favorite memory as an RPS student?

Announcing homecoming royalty my senior year.


What sets you apart from the group? Try to capture your uniqueness and describe it.

My personality marks me as an outlier, as my peers would describe me as sociable, confident, and proactive. Some say, with affection, that I carry myself like "a middle-aged dad in an airport when take-off is not until noon". Academically what sets me apart from those I am surrounded by is that no matter what my grade in the class, I always give my best on projects or exams. Doing the math to determine the lowest amount of effort I need to put into a project while maintaining my GPA seems counterproductive to just studying the material. On a surface level, my presentation can be deceiving. The majority of my fashion, if you could even call it that, is not far off from a ranch hand to whom city or social life is anything but appealing. I spend most of my time in board meetings concerning local issues that most would see as a punishment to attend. I have trained horses my whole life. Making me used to beings that do not understand me, or agree with me and definitely could kill me. Conflict is my comfort zone, when most like to tap out of a situation, that is when I feel most prepared and adjustable.


What is your senior quote and why?

I did not have a senior quote because I could not decide if I wanted to be comedic or serious.


What advice do you have for incoming high school students?

Since COVID, many underclassmen did not get to listen to the advice they would have gotten otherwise so I'm going to include everyone.

freshman: try everything. Act like every orientation meeting is a first date. would you want to spend your free time with these people? would you want to invest energy into these people? does this program seem sustainable with good grades? / most likely you are not going to end high school with the friends you started with.

sophomores: do what makes you happy and reach for leadership positions in that area of interest, it looks a lot better than a laundry list of vague titles / if you feel like you are not keeping up ask for help, there is no shame in it / start touring colleges now, it will be less on your plate later / TAKE THE ACT/SAT PREP COURSE

juniors: The homework load is going to be a lot but you can make it through / ivy league schools can get away with more mistreatment of students in the name of prestige, take your well-being seriously / you are not dumb, Economics is hard.


What is the number one skill you are taking with you post-graduation?

good organization skills.


Name your chosen pathway for after graduation?

American University with a double major in international affairs and accounting, and hopefully a Master’s in forensic accounting from Bradly University. Accounting is my desired career because I want to serve the American public without having a spotlight on me, and with a culture that is driven by monetary gain financial crimes can be seen as "collateral damage". Laws, in theory, do not have exceptions based on social and financial status and should be conducted in that manner.


How have you best contributed to your school community, and in what way do you think you’ll contribute to a workplace or college community?

One of the things I'm most proud of is being there for younger students where school is the safest place they have. When I was in that position, all I wished for was for someone to notice and tell me what I had to do to get out.


Describe three ways you have changed since your freshman year.

My self-confidence is not dependent on other people's opinions about me, I do not try to hide when walking into a room, and I do not people please anymore.


If you could go back and give yourself advice when you were an incoming freshman, what would you tell yourself?

• You’re not broken, just really gay.

• You are not defined by the past other people put on you.

• Most people will choose to hang out with others that let them be their worst selves, just be glad that person is not you.

• Google "academic burnout"