Collaboration for Cultural Dishes: Enchiladas for Summer of Discovery Schools
Rochester Public Schools

One of the most exciting things we hear around the district is kids being excited about what food they are being served for lunch. Dishes like Tikka Masala and Sambusas have been massive hits amongst our students, and many have enjoyed the fact that they’re foods that their families made for dinner as well. We have not stopped working hard to add more of these meals to our menus. In fact, SNS has just added a new entre, in collaboration with local restaurant El Carambas.


SNS is no stranger to community partnerships, working with Royal Indian Cuisine in Rochester and Hoyo Sambusa in Bloomington. This summer, SNS Chef Travis Pearce worked with Eddy Galindo from El Carambas Mexican Restaurant, and together they created an enchilada recipe specific to RPS. On Monday, June 27th, Willow Creek SNS staff happily came to work to roll over 2,000 enchiladas by hand for them to be served today for lunch at most of the Summer of Discovery sites.

Natasha Lemke is the Extended Meals Coordinator for SNS and believes it's important to provide foods representing our community's diversity. “There’s a lot of Mexican-American food, but I think it’s going to be helpful to see something that we really tried to stick to as authentic as we could while working with someone in the community,” Natasha said. “I love seeing how excited, and proud students get when they see a meal that they eat at home. They feel a sense of pride, not only eating something familiar but seeing their peers who don’t share their culture eating and enjoying the same thing.

We are happy to say that students loved the new enchilada recipe. Numerous students even asked for seconds! Another successful execution of an RPS-community collaboration! SNS plans to bring back the enchiladas towards the end of July.