RPS Grad Rates Exceed State of Minnesota
Rochester Public School

Rochester, MN - The Minnesota Department of Education has released the Minnesota Report Card with 2018 graduation rates for the State of Minnesota. The District’s four-year graduation rate for all students is up from last year and exceeds the State’s average. Rochester Public Schools’ graduation rate is 87.01% this year, compared with the State average of 83.20%. In both cases, the graduation rates are up year-over-year and show considerable progress.

Rochester Public Schools is celebrating several accomplishments with the release of the data. The four-year graduation rate for our three comprehensive high schools is 92.0%. The District has seen a gain in the subgroups of Black, Two or more races, English Learner, Special Education, and Free or Reduced Lunch students. Additionally, the graduation rate for all RPS students and all subgroups is above the state average. The results are located below for your review.

Superintendent Muñoz attributed the graduation success to identifying the individual needs of students and interventions. “We focus on developing relationships with students and identifying the individual needs of students,” said Superintendent Muñoz. “I am proud of the work at all of our sites. Our teachers, support staff, and administrators are identifying programs and interventions to address students’ needs.” Multi-tiered interventions, more social and emotional support, and an increased number of educational pathways for students are several additional factors attributing to RPS’s graduation rates.

RPS 2018 Graduation Rate
Category 4-Year Percent (RPS) 4-Year Percent (MN)
All Students 87.01 83.20
Asian Students 87.04 86.59
Hispanic Students 75.0 66.75
Black Students 80.11 67.42
White Students 90.12 88.41
Two or More Races 81.82 71.98
EL Students 72.73 65.65
Special Education Students 63.33 62.30
Free Reduced Lunch Students 74.72 70.15